About Peter Shalson

Peter’s original job was a typical salesman job selling encyclopedias door-to-door around the UK.  This led to Shalson buying his first car and yearning for greater success with his big breakthrough being part of a coat hanger sales team in London for a company called Braitrim.

Peter eventually bought Braitrim and turned it from a small business into an international packaging brand within 20 years.

Further investments included the acquisition of 20 pubs. The profits helped Shalson build up to taking over 540 pubs which were added into a successful chain known as Punch Taverns.  The speed of these takeovers astounded the industry and Punch Taverns became the 10th largest chain the UK within a year and a half.

Between 2001 to 2004 Shalson invested in an internet service provider called Brightview  (which also became a major player in the UK) and property entrepreneurs.

Most recent involvement was buying majority stake in TradIndex, a bet spreading platform which helped major corporations gain access to thousands of worldwide platforms from one location.

His proudest achievement has been creating ‘The London Academy’, an academy that helps children of all abilities and backgrounds achieve incredible GCSE results which progresses them onto further education.  The academy helps children that may have missed out on a good education due to financial difficulties.  A sponsorship of £1.5 Million was given to the charity by Peter alone.

Charitable donations include the ‘Osteopathic Centre for Children’ which helps out Autistic Children, ‘The President’s Club’ which helps out sick children and centres in the UK.

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